Peapod LegalOffice has provided technology solutions to law firms for more than 20 years.

More than 10,000 people use legal forms through PrintAForm every day.

Kirsteen Forisky

Kirsteen Forisky

Development Director

Kirsteen is the Development Director and it is her job to constantly understand the needs of the market and provide guidance to the software developers to ensure that PrintAForm software is relevant to the needs of the market.

"It is thrilling for us as developers to know that thousands of people every day use our work to practice law more efficiently and to have more satisfying work lives. Feedback is our lifeblood and we are constantly speaking to clients to improve our software and keep it relevant."

Kelly Clifford

Publishing Manager

As the Publishing Manager, I have the executive responsibility of looking after over 3,000 legal forms across the United Kingdom. The PrintAForm publications cover all common areas of law practiced by a typical small law firm in the UK.

"Working in a small law firm previously myself, I understand how important time is for you. This is why our PrintAForm content team strives to produce forms with as much automation as possible so that you are not wasting time on the small things."

Kelly has worked in the legal industry for 16 years.

Renata Tobiasz

Renata Tobiasz

Content Manager

Renata is the Forms Content Manager for PrintAForm with over 8 years experience.

"My team and I focus on the revision and production of forms. We aim to make your life easier by making the forms as intuitive and effective as possible.

I have great satisfaction knowing that the forms we produce are used by over 10,000 people."

Legal Forms and Precedents for small law firms

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