Case management integrated with automated legal forms.

By having your case management integrated with automated legal forms, optimised for speed and accuracy, as well as your own letters and precedents you will be amazed at how quickly your staff can get the work out.

With a single database, your data is captured once and re-used for multiple purposes. This reduces errors and immediately makes you more productive. LegalOffice LA is a practice management system that makes it easy for your firm to set up standard workflows to ensure important steps are not missed and all staff follow standard procedures.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Word provides your staff with a natural flow from one function to another with pre-captured data automatically populating fields as required.

LegalOffice LA

With LegalOffice LA you have access to all the automated forms you need to run your firm covering all common areas of law:

The convenience of having all forms in one place and a standardised method of producing documents.
The confidence that Peapod is constantly keeping them up to date with changes.
Assurance that Peapod is constantly working on keeping form production as efficient as possible.

LegalOffice LA is effective and efficient software to manage your small law firm. Visit for more information.